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With 30 years of deal sourcing experience, while being considered one of the leaders in coordinating joint business structures, Michael Friedman has created The REvision Group.  His vast background in raising both equity and debt in the real estate industry, and his uncanny ability to connect developers with investors, funding sources, and lenders, make the The REvision Group the industry’s best.

Michael Friedman earned a Master’s degree in Physical Education from California State University and his BA in Public Administration from the University of Arizona. In his early career, Michael worked as an awarding-winning high school and college basketball coach.  He went on to conduct over 200 basketball clinics for aspiring players and coaches across the country and was often a featured speaker. For info on Michael’s public speaking career, go to:

Years later, Michael shifted his focus to the real estate world and would spend his time working for several companies, including Destination Sales and Marketing, MF Resort Residential, LLC, Harbor Development, LLC, and The Ginn Company. He then went on to start Harbor Development, which was responsible for the development, marketing, and sales of Liberty Harbor in Brunswick, GA.  Additionally, he was a partner with both Real Source LTD, the developer of North Dakota multi-family units, and Chesterfield Faring LTD, which specializes in the raising of capital for the acquisition of distressed real estate assets.

Eventually becoming president of Millennia Housing Capital, Michael successfully raised over $80 million in equity and over $300 million in debt in his first 18 months. This helped Millennia grow as a company, resulting in the acquisition of more than 9,000 units with 5000 more currently in the pipeline, in over 24 states.

Check out Mike on the Blood Time podcast!

Michael Friedman has successfully made the transition from excellent Basketball coach (at all levels) to very successful entrepreneur and deal maker. From coaching Beachwood High to numerous University positions, to clinics with Magic Johnson and many other stellar stars of the sport Michael has taken those attributes in to the Business World. Michael has created some of the largest acquisitions in Ohio as well as assisted many in capital raises for numerous real estate and commercial opportunities. Friedman details this incredible life and journey with us on the podcast as well as in his new book “My Bible of Blunders” in which he shares with us the good and not so good in business. This candid and thoughtful conversation with Coach Cimoroni will enlightened and entertain you altogether.

Mike’s long lasting impact on the community.

Mike has spent decades working with young people to help them develop both their basketball and life skills over the past four decades. He recently hosted 90 children between the ages of 9-16 for a complimentary basketball clinic at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland.

At the clinic, Mike provided players with basketball knowledge and had ran a series of drills designed to enhance their skills.  The former coach also gave a motivational talk to encourage the young people in attendance.

His coaching career included stints as an assistant under Hall of Famer Pat Riley and as a head coach at both the high school and collegiate level.  He’s conducted more than 200 basketball clinics throughout his career.


360 West Putnam Ave
Suite #3
Greenwich, CT 06830


665 Beacon Hill Drive
Orange Village, OH 44022

Additional offices located in Naples, FL and Greenville, SC.


    • 360 West Putnum Ave
    • Suite #3
    • Greenwich, CT 06830


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