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Over the past 12+ years, Eric has honed his skills in the Real Estate industry specifically but not limited to the Investment sales side of commercial real estate. Eric has also garnered high levels of expertise in commercial and retail leasing, landlord representation, and multi-family projects. At the beginning of Eric’s career, he worked under the tutelage of some excellent brokers. He went from being a sales associate to Sales Director to Investment Sales Director at Two different firms in his tenure. In 2014 Eric embarked on a new chapter of his professional life and opened Nova Real Estate. NRE is a full-service modern boutique real estate brokerage. Eric has utilized all his knowledge of the real estate industry to grow and expand his knowledge base within the CRE industry.

Approximately two years ago Eric embarked on the latest phase of his real estate career, debt, and equity. Eric’s goals for the future do not differ from the path I am currently on. Eric along with his partners have worked on a variety of equity and debt projects.

In late 2016 Eric took on a new challenge of New York City real estate. Taking on this specific new challenge has been great for my continued growth within the industry. Eric specializes in valuation and analytics which help him greatly when looking at a traditional real estate deal or a raise. Eric will continue to expand his network of real estate professionals, both buyers, and sellers as well as family offices, PE funds, and many more.

At Revision Group, Eric is going to assist his teammates with placing debt and equity for a variety of sponsors. From ground-up multi-family to senior living and beyond, Eric will bring the same intensity that he has grown in his dozen-year tenure in real estate. Eric’s skillset will be a tremendous asset to the Revision team.


360 West Putnam Ave
Suite #3
Greenwich, CT 06830


665 Beacon Hill Drive
Orange Village, OH 44022

Additional offices located in Naples, FL and Greenville, SC.


    • 360 West Putnum Ave
    • Suite #3
    • Greenwich, CT 06830


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