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We source deals for our capital partners as well locate funding sources for small to medium sized businesseso.


We establish connections and create strong relationships between funding sources, entrepreneurs and businesses.


Our veteran team of underwriters, accountants, and legal professionals help to insure a smooth closing.




To create a professional relationship backed by trust, respect, and proven performance. To undertake every opportunity with tenacity and optimism, and to continue to build on our existing reputation.  Our true “24/7” work ethic and our uncompromising follow up will help us execute a truly unparalleled performance in the deal sourcing industry.

With 28 years of experience of raising capital, The REvision Group acts as a guide to help connect investors to new deals as well as businesses to capital sources. We spend time with capital partners in order to understand their criteria while doing proper financial due-diligence on their deal flow. Combining our unique skill-set with our broad network of investors, The REvision Group will continue to develop strong connections from both sides.

We understand what is needed for Sponsors/Developers to prepare, so they can enhance their probability to attract attention and eventually raise the capital they need:

 We prepare proper business plans that Capital sources are looking for and feel comfortable with, including:
       1.) Details on the deal
       2.) Special location or basis of the purchase
       3.) Highlight their expereince
       4.) Sponsor contribution (10-25% of SKIN IN THE GAME)
       5.) references, must have be credible
       6.) Sources and uses (Again detailed in the business plan
       7.) Current Comps
       8.)  Clear-Achievable Exit Plan (Sale-JV- REFI
       9.) Defendable with Underwrite, the ROI- ease to understand the IRR projections

The REvision Group’s history of successfully brokering deals speaks for itself. Our long term and strong relationships with large PE funds, Family offices and a data base of over 300 private wealthy individuals has allowed the REvision Group to accelerate the connection process for those seeking funding.  We will continue to grow at this rapid pace, as more and more clients are engaging in our services.




Michael Friedman

Founder & CEO
With 30 years of experience in deal sourcing, and a leader in coordinating joint business structures, Michael Friedman helps to make The REvision Group, the industry's best.
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Stephanie Baldini

Director of Marketing
While in charge of marketing initiatives and our CRM program, Stephanie has been instrumental in the growth of The REvision group and her positive attitude is contagious.
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David Hirsch

Executive Vice President
David Hirsch is a serial entrepreneur who lives in Greenwich, CT with his wife Claudia and two children.  An outdoor enthusiast, he enjoys skiing, hiking, biking and golf.
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Eric Nova

Senior Vice President
From ground up multi-family to senior living, Eric assists in placing debt and equity for a variety of sponsors. He bring intensity that he has grown in his dozen years in real estate.
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“Michael has introduced us to many opportunities for our funds. We have a strict criteria for our investment appetite, and what we love about Michael, is that he does all the pre-screening and due-diligence prior to setting up conference calls / in person meetings. Lastly, we enjoy working with Micheal as business partner because his optimism and enthusiasm is contagious!!”

Drew Tarrow

“We consider Mike not only an associate but a partner of our firm. We together joined forces to purchase units in North Dakota and Florida and the experience and long term results have been fantastic. We think Mike is one of the most dynamic deal guys in the USA, and we are thrilled to consider him our partner in various deals”

Keith Broemeer

“Michael Friedman is one of the hardest working real estate professionals we have worked with in our space. We love the fact that he truly is 24/7 accessible and his ability to dissect problems and work with all parties to come up with solutions is remarkable. We look forward to a long relationship with him.”

Louis Harrison

“The REvison group was the perfect solution for our project. they reinvented our positioning platform to make it relevant for today’s buyer mindset and provided a detailed playbook of new lead generation and sales strategies to maximize efficiency and velocity.”

Tom Morton

“In the past 11 years, mike has helped sell more than $2 billion of our resort residential properties. he was an integral part of our most successful record breaking sales and marketing launch events.”

Dean Adler

“The old sales methodology paradigm was broken and they wrote the script for the new one. the closing methodology that they implemented, was the most comprehensive i had ever seen, and it was one of the reasons we stayed successful during the last few years”

Greg Pearlman


Mike’s NEW BOOK is now available!

After forty years in professional sport and business, Michael Friedman sits down to describe the harrowing career path that he — a self-described “ordinary guy”– pursued, stumbled on, raced along, departed from, triumphed through and is still following with undiminished enthusiasm.

This is no “how to” book, as Friedman admits, nor a “how not to” book. It’s simply what happened, but recounted with enough honesty that we can laugh and learn as we try to keep up with Mike’s busy but meandering path.

The Statler Arms

MIAMI, January 30, 2018 (

Statler Arms Apartments is a historically renovated former Statler Hotel high-rise in the Theater District on East 12th Street and Euclid in downtown Cleveland that was converted into 295 apartments in 2001. Millennia Companies closed on the building this past Tuesday with plans on renovating and redeveloping the tired asset into a higher end property, geared towards the ever-expanding market of Millennials flocking to downtown Cleveland along with 30-40+ age professionals.  Berkadia underwrote the debt while GenX Capital Partners secured the equity for the “all in” $53MM transaction.

“No question, it’s still a heavy lift if you will, procuring equity financing for downtown Cleveland projects, but we have access to equity partners not many developers are aware of and sort of fly under the radar, not to mention Millennia and its CEO Frank Sinito are A+, high-quality sponsors, so that was helpful.

And combining that with the incredible teamwork from Mike Friedman of Millennia Capital we were able to pull together the needed equity with one of our funds to get this massive deal to the closing table.”

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Key Tower Center

Acquisition of KEY TOWER CENTER, Cleveland, Ohio

Recently, Michael helped put together and brokered a deal for Millennia to purchase the largest building in Cleveland, (KEY TOWER CENTER). This iconic structure is the largest office building between New York and Chicago. Michael is currently finalizing the capital raise which include $265 million in debt, and $80 million in equity. Michael worked with Eastdil, the brokerage from Chicago and the Seller, Columbia REIT from Atlanta.

The REvision Group, under Michaels’s leadership, will continue deal sourcing, connecting, and closing. The strength of our company is that we sourcenot only capital for Joint ventures for developers and businesses, but wehelp find a safe and profitable place for the the capital companies to invest in.


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